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Queen of Sauces - Director/Chef

Liv has had a varied career but has worked professionally in kitchens and hospitality for over 8 years. She started out working in the kitchen of Villa Maria Vineyard in Auckland, New Zealand and later moved into corporate and private catering. She found her niche in the private chef setting and has worked extensively with the private chef company Dineindulge where she is a top-rated chef. Alongside all of this Liv has much experience in the bespoke cake industry and worked as a Kitchen Manager for a high end cakery in Auckland. She now runs her own cake business, Lavender & Lime Bakery, and creates customised cakes for weddings and events. Outside of the restaurant Liv is passionate about all things theatre and is part of a local amateur dramatics company.


The Chatty One - Director/Front of House

Mark has worked in the hospitality profession for over 20 years in the UK and New Zealand and he has a particular passion for creating delicious cocktails, food and drink pairing as well as high-level customer service. Part of his time in New Zealand was spent working as the Training Manager for the service and events staff for a high end catering company where he worked at many high-profile events, including for the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the All Blacks rugby team. He is happiest when chatting to customers about anything and everything! In his, albeit limited, spare time he enjoys home brewing, music and ice hockey.

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Champion of getting stuff done! - Business Development Manager